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Direct Lenders for Payday Loans

Direct lenders for payday loans offer the same  fast cash loans as indirect lenders but reduce the number of people having access to your personal financial information. Direct lender payday loans do not go through third party referral firms to determine your eligibility and loan amount. This can be an advantage or a drawback.

The way referral companies work is simple. Whereas direct lenders for payday loans approve loan applications on their own, indirect lenders send referral firms unapproved applications for evaluation. After evaluation (which direct payday loan lenders would do within their company, decreasing the number of transactions of your financial information, as well as the duration of evaluation), approvals are made, and the borrower is offered a number of lenders with whom they may close the deal. An advantage of this is that the referral firms will scour the available lenders for one willing to offer the deal that the borrower needs.  A disadvantage is that many different lenders may be willing to make the offer, and the borrower is thus paying extra for an unneeded search service.

Direct payday loans are more securely acquired as direct lenders for payday loans only move clients’ information within their organization. Financial information is not usually divulged to any third party agency, and if, for whatever reason, this need happen, the client will be informed precisely where his information was sent and why. Also, websites for each direct lenders for payday loans typically operate under secure connections, ensuring that client information is well-protected from the myriad sources of  Internet malice.

Most direct lenders for payday loans  will require a limited amount of information for eligibility. Typically, a client need only provide proof of residence, social security number, and identification information to complete the application for a direct payday loan. In terms of financial information, payday loans direct lenders only require proof of employment and income—an applicant may even be self-employed as long as a source of income can be verified.

A new trend among direct lenders is in dropping the teletrack system. Using the teletrack system, direct lenders for payday loans can determine a potential client’s credit history and credit score. Delving as far as they need to go in an applicant’s financial history, lenders can check for past bankruptcy filings, unpaid debts, outstanding checks, any potentially taxing past financial information. Once having acquired all of this information, lenders set the rates for your loan, meaning those with poor credit histories will receive high interest rates. Fortunately for those with such histories, there are many direct lenders for payday loans out there now that no longer use the teletrack system, choosing instead to give out loans regardless of an applicant’s credit history, simply determining a rate of interest and repayment period and awaiting the client’s repayment of the loan.

Even the process of repaying a direct loan is simple. At the end of the repayment period, the money owed the lender will automatically be deducted from the borrower’s bank account at cost plus any applicable fees. The borrower, then, need only see to is that the necessary funds are present in his bank account prior to the end of the repayment period, else risk overdrafting his account or defaulting on the loan. So long as the borrower is careful with his financial expenses, such possibilities are easily avoided.

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