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How To Find Direct Lenders In Ohio

The residents of Ohio would be glad to learn that the Department of Commerce regulated the law regarding the direct payday lender so they are able to defer the payment over a period of six months. Therefore, only after half of year can the lender hire the services of a collection agency or even take legal action against a borrower. In case you are living in Ohio and you are in need of some fast cash, the safest way to find a reliable lender would be to check the accredited list on the Ohio Department of Commerce, as lenders need a license from there in order to practice.

Take note that the Department of Commerce only accepts direct lenders that have paid the five hundred dollars application fee and passed the rigorous screening process. Consequentially, the residents of Ohio cannot apply for a payday loan online or apply for a loan in another state, because these transactions are considered voids. In addition, since the authorities have set the maximum interest rate to be charged at 28 percent, lenders practicing without a license will have to pay the borrower double the interest rate in case they are caught.

While the interest rate for each one hundred dollars all licensed direct payday lenders only is a maximum of 28 dollars, there is also clause that imposes the lender to charge a certain fee after ten days. On a side note, according to the law, borrowers have a maximum of ten days to reimburse the payday loan. Therefore, if you are late with the payment you will be charged less than five percent of the loan’s value. However, if you talk to the lender about designing a repayment plan with 31 days, then he will be forced not to charge you additional interest rate during this period.

If you have had problems with debts in the past then you probably know what a nuisance it is to work with the collection agencies.  Then again, the legislation of Ohio favors the residence. As a result, direct payday lenders no third party can only send a collection agent to you. According to the law, if the agent attempts to contact any member of you family, your friends or co-workers they can sue him for harassment. In addition, they are forbidden by law to send mail that specifies the intention of collecting the debt.

Even though the lender himself or the collection agent can call the debtor between 8AM to 9PM, they have no right to harass him over the phone. In fact, debtors can cease all the collection actions if they send a written letter to the lender informing him that they do not wish to be contacted in the future. However, considering that you can work out a repayment plan with the lender, cutting all lines of communication is usually not such a good idea if you want to put this loan behind you once and for all.

Moreover, acting rude and inappropriate to the lender can force him to take legal action against you, once the six months period has passed. In general, most judges will rule against the borrowers if it comes to this and take decisions such as garnishing your paychecks or place a lien on your house, until the debt is paid in full. Furthermore, the lender has the legal rights to claim you to pay the legal fees and other associated court fees. Therefore, do you best to ensure it does not come to that.

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