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What To Look for In Payday Lenders

The number of people who have started working with payday lenders have been getting higher and higher throughout the past years. It does not seem like this would get fewer anytime in the near future. There are quite a few states who have begun to enforce regulation laws so they can get some control over this industry since there have been a few customer complaints about the companies operating here.

If you look at a small part of payday lenders only, you will not really find that many complaints against them. On average, they have at least a 96% customer satisfaction rate and this can get higher depending on who you ask.

In the industry that payday lenders revolve in, as well as the entire financial industry in general, you may perceive that the usual customer complaints have a lot to do with predatory practices, harassment by collectors, exorbitant interest rates, and other types. But if you look at the complaints that were actually filed with the legal offices such as the BBB or the Better Business Bureau, you will find that something else is happening. This article will tell you about the usual complaints that customers have against payday lenders.

One common complaint that customers have is that payday lenders only make them have an easy time with filing the application over the Internet and getting approval for these right away. But they do not give customers an easy time trying to increase the payment amounts that they give once or twice a week. You might find this strange since the company would probably not want to get low payments per week for their loans. But the fact is that consumers are after paying off these debts as fast as they can so they can keep the interest charges at a minimum. But if they wish to do that, they cannot just simply go online and pay there. They would need to speak with a customer service representative either through the phone or in person if they are considering changing the payment terms that they have agreed upon. This makes up about 30% of the number of complaints that the Better Business Bureau gets.

Another thing that these fast cash advance lenders get in the way of complaints is about late payment charges. There are plenty of these lenders that will make you pay a late fee in the same way that credit card providers charge extra for payments that they get after the agreed repayment day expires. Most of the time these late charges can be around 15% of the amount that was borrowed. Understandably, credit card companies also get as many complaints regarding this as payday loan companies do. This is the main source of income for these companies but it is detrimental to their customers.

Another thing that most customers complain about is that payday lenders only talk to you at some points during the day. Customers would rather have access to them for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Most payday loan companies have websites that take in customer application forms at all hours during the day so most of the complaints have to do with not being able to talk to a live customer service representative whenever they wish to. They are only told to accomplish the online form and wait until someone is available to talk to them. The most that they can give to their consumers in the way of 24/7 service is the help section on their website. Other than this, customers would have to wait until regular operating hours resume.

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